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RECENT: 2015
Click Here to read The Bee article from 2/25/2015 following the City Council Meeting on 2/24/15 regarding Folsom Park Fee Hike.

At our February General Meeting, we surprised Ernie Sheldon by honoring his 30 years of service to the Folsom Athletic Association. Mayor, Andy Morin and Parks and Recreation Director, Robert Goss were on hand to say a few kind words about working with Ernie over the decades.

Many of you arrived in your logo wear showing support for Ernie on behalf of your youth sports groups and gave him some of his own to wear and sport around town as he continues to support our youth and sporting facilities here in the City.

Be sure to catch the group picture on the home page.

Thanks to all of your who came out to support us in this surprise celebration. Ernie was totally shocked and felt very blessed by all effort on everyone’s part to make this a special meeting.

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In January, many of our friends and concerned citizens have partnered with the Folsom Athletic Association and the 20+ Community Youth Sports Leagues we represent in advocating for Park and Recreation facility needs. Our goal was simple; it was to insure, as we welcome our new family and friends to Folsom, that they would have an equal amount of Parks and Recreation amenities that we all have become accustomed to. We have all worked hard to develop the amenities in North Folsom and understand the value it has provided for our community and therefore, want nothing less for this newly annexed area of Folsom.
The following are the five major areas that we advocated through our calls, emails and public speaking at the January 14 and 28 City council meeting.
1. All new family and friends in South Folsom will have equal Parks and Recreation amenities.

2. These amenities will be built as our new family and friends arrive not in the extended funded period identified as 22 to 45 years out.

3. That the newly approved Park Capital Improvement fee approved within the South Folsom funding plan be immediately instated in North Folsom. In that, the lack of properly adjusting this fee cost the city nearly 2 million in park capital fees last year alone.

4. That the city partner with the FCUSD in determining the right balance of school bonds and or sales tax increase to address the necessary park capital and renovation needs. Eliminating the cell tower renovation program has been devastating to the proper up keep of our facilities and must be reconstituted in some new fashion.

5. Cost effectiveness of park development joint funding and joint building of schools, library, municipal center, fire station and Police must be done to most cost effectively build, operate and maintain these essential services. This need to include community wide apprenticeships, job training, internships, mentoring and volunteer programs.

Through your efforts, progress was made including the development of a new community facility district that will fund a pool, community center, gymnasium for approximately $15 million within 8 years of the development start vs. the proposal 22 to 45 year extended funding period.
We appreciate your participation and look forward to your continual support insuring that all of our top 5 items are accomplished for our community citizens, business partners and tourism guest.