Park Sign Renovation - Dave Benevento and Kyle Woody
Park Sign Renovation - Hannaford Family Park
Park Sign Renovation - Lembi Park

FAA / City of Folsom Park Renovation Sign Project

Project: renovating city park signs. The FAA stepped in to help with this project which saved the city ~$60k. Project lead Kyle Woody/Will Kempton, Craftsmen and mentor Dave Benevento, Masonry Tom Handy, Fearless leader Michael Raffetto. Truly a team effort by the entire FAA Board!

Completed ten park signs: Sheldon, Lembi, Prewett, Cambridge, Wellfleet, Thorndike, Keller, Chadwick, Egloff, and Hannaford. This is only the beginning; there is more to come ......

Folsom Telegraph – FAA saves city 60K in sign renovations – Matt Long, November 25, 2021

Senior Holidy Gift Bag Program 2020
Senior Holidy Gift Bag Program 2020
Senior Holidy Gift Bag Program 2020

Senior Holiday Gift Bag Program 2021

Since 2017, Folsom Athletic Association has supported Powerhouse Ministries to serve our seniors and low-income communities during the holidays. This program has been near and dear to Ernie Sheldon's heart since day one. Community youth sports groups, Folsom elementary and high schools, organizations, and communities have gone above and beyond to serve our community. This year, we had 100 gift bags to decorate and fill - the bags were delivered on December 18.

Folsom Telegraph – Folsom's holiday gift bag program a true winner – Matt Long, December 16, 2021
Pictures from the event!

Veterans Day 2021
Veterans Day 2021
Veterans Day 2021

Veterans Day Parade 2021

To honor the lives and lives lost of those who served inthe U.S. Armed Forces. What a beautiful day.

Folsom Telegraph ran an article on FAA’s tribute to Marine Corp Sergeant Tyler Justin Vargas Andrews, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Lawrence Williams, U.S. Army Private First Class Melvin Francis, and Ernie Sheldon at the annual Veterans Day Parade.

Folsom Telegraph – FAA honors locals in Veterans Day parade – Matt Long, November 19, 2021