FAA / Park Renovation Projects 2021

Park Sign Renovation - Dave Benevento and Kyle Woody
Park Sign Renovation - Hannaford Family Park
Park Sign Renovation - Lembi Park

In March 2021, FAA Board members Kyle Woody and Will Kempton met with Folsom Parks & Recreation ??? Manager Tim O’Shea to talk about the park renovation projects that the city has on their list of things to do.

The FAA stepped in and took on the project to help renovate city park signs. So far, this has saved the city about $60k.

Project lead Kyle Woody/Will Kempton, Craftsmen and mentor Dave Benevento, MasonryTom Handy, Fearless leader Michael Raffetto. Truly a team effort by the entire FAA Board!

As of September 2021, the team has completed eleven park signs:

  • Ernie Sheldon Youth Sports Park
  • Lembi Park, Home of the Folsom Athletic Association
  • Lembi Park Soccer Baseball Softball Pickleball
  • Cambridge
  • Chadwick
  • Egloff Family Park
  • Hannaford Family Park
  • Keller
  • Prewett MiniPark
  • Thorndike
  • Wellfleet Park

The completed projects thus far was shared with the community youth sports groups and Folsom Cordova Unified School District during the September FAA / Adopt Meeting. Pete Maron suggested that the project team contact FHS ????? to see if they can get their students involved.