Youth Sports – Benefits of our Membership

Forty years of history and a proven track record. The Folsom Athletic Association is committed to assist the Community Youth Sports Leagues in meeting best practices for health, safety, and positive coaching. Members benefit from the partnership between the City of Folsom and Folsom Cordova Unified School District through a Joint-Use and Operational AgreementParks & Recreation Service Delivery Plan, each league’s Memorandum of Understanding, and FAA Adopt a Facility Program.

Benefits of being a Member of the Folsom Athletic Association

Community Youth Sports Leagues are adopted by the FAA Board. Members benefit from the partnership between the City of Folsom, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, the FAA, other youth sports leagues, local and regional businesses, community members and volunteers. Benefits include priority service and scheduling of facilities, free or reduced fees for field and facility rentals, direct access to city and school district staff that manage facilities and their maintenance, and fundraising for your group.

Members benefit from:

  • Joint-use partnership – developed to share facilities and costs, enhance the value of facilities of adjacent schools and parks saving land costs, design amenities that overlap schools and parks.
  • Access to 31 sites (16 parks, 15 schools) with 360 joint use facilities.
  • Direct contact with city staff and FCUSD through the Adopt a Facility Program or special project funding for maintenance and small capital improvements of sports facilities.
  • Monthly meetings give the CYSL’s face-to-face communication with those in charge of maintenance and scheduling of facilities and other community youth groups that may have similar challenges. Less conflicts in maintenance and facility issues.
  • Access to the “Never in our Town” Youth Assistance Program, providing scholarship for youth athletes. We work as a team to help ensure that no child is left out of participating in recreation and athletics because of financial constraints.
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual Fireworks Fundraiser.
  • Collaborative knowledge and help. Collective problem solving and assistance and sharing of challenges with City and school issues.
  • FAA encourages and supports the participation of coaching clinics put on by the Positive Coaching Alliance, National Alliance for Youth Sports, Character Combine, First Aid, CPR and or other education seminars.

Become a Member of the FAA

Youth sports groups adopted by the FAA Board are the current members of the association. Your membership and support is critical to the ongoing success and function of the organization. Apply for Community Youth Sports Group Membership.