Service Delivery Plan

As recreational programs, sports teams, and athletic leagues spiked in popularity, most facilities and fields have reached their capacity despite the efforts of park planning and development. In 2004, a guiding tool was created to meet the short-term and long-term recreational and sports facility needs of the community. The policies and procedures of the service delivery plan provides the structure for Folsom Parks & Recreation, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, the Folsom Athletic Association, and Community Youth Sports Leagues to partner on the implementation of best practices.

City of Folsom
Folsom Parks & Rec Department
Service Delivery Plan
Sports Division

Policy #1 – Field Closure
In an effort to maintain the optimum playing field standards, sports fields will be closed for annual maintenance, scheduled maintenance, renovation, inclement weather and emergency maintenance.

Policy #2 – Master Calendaring for Facility Scheduling
The Parks & Recreation Department will coordinate a master calendar that will avoid overlapping of major sports during each sports traditional season.

Policy #3 – Activity Scheduling
The Parks & Recreation Department staff shall have final approval of any and all events (games, practices, tournaments, parades, etc.) that are scheduled on City and/or City-coordinated FCUSD facilities that are scheduled per the Joint Use Agreement between the City of Folsom and FCUSD.

Policy #4 – Priority Scheduling
The Parks & Recreation Department will establish priorities for facility scheduling.

Policy #5 – Duplicating Recreational Sports Leagues
The Parks & Recreation Department shall have final authority in approving new programs or activities that may duplicate programs or activities that are already being offered, especially those programs/activities that are offered for the general public.

Policy #6 – Residency Priorities
Individuals who reside or own property inside Folsom city limits shall have a priority in registering in those programs that are scheduled on City or FCUSD facilities.

Policy #7 – Best Practices
In an effort to ensure that the full value and benefit of youth and adults sports is achieved, it is important that best practices are utilized. In order to accomplish this, the Folsom Parks & Recreation Department will partner with the FCUSD, FAA, CYSL, boards, coaches, athletes, and parents to help the community stay current with the best practices of delivering sports.

The Service Delivery Plan was last revised September 5, 2017. A full copy of the plan is available upon request.

Contact Folsom Parks & Recreation at 916‑461‑6606 for a copy.