Folsom Athletic Association programs allows partners and individuals to reach their full potential regardless of their organizational size, social or economic status, or age. The goal is to recognize growth and change in each program in the areas of donations, leadership, fundraising, and policy,

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Adopt-A-Facility – The history of this program dates back to 1992. The mission of the Folsom Community Youth Sports Leagues, the Folsom Athletic Association, the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, and the City of Folsom is to work together to enhance the maintenance and design standards of all athletic facilities within the Folsom community. 

“Never in our Town” Youth Assistance Program – in the late 1980’s, youth basketball coach, Troy Estacio recognized that several kids would regularly hang out at the gym but would not be playing. Troy’s heart nearly broke when he found that these kids were not playing simply because they could not afford the entry fees.

From this tragedy, theNever in Our Town” Youth Assistance Program was developed.

Fireworks Fundraiser – an opportunity for community youth sports groups to raise funds for their club as well as a primary source of income for FAA’s general fund. This is the ultimate in teamwork, where all partnering youth leagues pool their volunteer resources to work collaboratively in staffing the fireworks booths, and in return, share in the profits.

Lembi Park Concession – in 1992, the FAA was asked to operate the concession at Lembi Park. This program was designed to allow our adopted community youth sports leagues the opportunity to volunteer at the concession as a fundraiser for their league or club.

Teen Council – established to ensure that the youth in our community have a voice and a means to be engaged with their community.

The Teen Council has been instrumental in facility designs, leadership support, and service projects throughout the community. 

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