Thanks to the generous donations from the community and sponsors, the FAA is able to award scholarships to the Community Youth Sports Leagues and Folsom High School, Vista del Lago High School, and Folsom Lake High School graduating seniors involved in sports and extracurricular activities.

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“Never in our Town” Youth Assistance Program – never in our town will a youth not participate in recreational sports due to financial constraints. The FAA ‘Youth Assistance Program’ strives to provide financial assistance for all Folsom youth residents desiring to participate in Community Youth Sports Leagues. The FAA will fund money to help offset the registration cost for each eligible youth. The fund is not limited to one sport, which allows kids to play multiple sports in a single year.

Ernie Sheldon Memorial Scholarship – Ernie built a legacy in Folsom with every person he met and every project he was involved with. After a lengthy illness, Ernie passed away in November 2020. The Ernie Sheldon Legacy Fund was created for Ernie’s devotion to the city. In honor of Ernie, the FAA created the Ernie Sheldon Memorial Scholarship for a Folsom High School and Vista del Lago High School graduating senior. The scholarship is based on the seniors dedication to their high school spirit combined with academic studies, community service and personal perseverance.

Summer Kempton Memorial Scholarship – based on promoting a positive message to our youth athletes about making smart life choices. Summer passed away on February 4, 2007. While the story is very tragic, family and friends have established a memorial fund in her honor. This scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity for recipients to continue their dreams, to make the right personal choices by recognizing what life has to offer, and to focus on taking care of themselves and others. (Folsom High School and Vista del Lago High School Girls’ Varsity Soccer player specific.)

Ken Grossfeld Memorial Scholarship – supporting and encouraging young people to find positive outlets in their lives, be it sports, music, art, or community service, while fully engaged and excelling in their academic endeavors. Ken was an involved father of three boys, an active member in the Folsom community, a multi-sport coach, former Folsom American Little League President, and Folsom Park Commissioner and Chairman with a deep passion for little league baseball. Ken passed away at age 53 in 2011. He loved Folsom and wanted to continue to have a positive impact on Folsom’s community. His family helped establish this scholarship in Ken’s honor before his passing.

Lois B. Young Scholarship – Lois Young was an early board member who guided the FAA financially utilizing her professional skill as a public certified accountant. In recognition of her dedicated community service, the FAA provides scholarships to high school graduating athletes.

Race M. Salazar Memorial Scholarship – Race grew up in Folsom, CA playing sports, the violin and guitar. At the age of 18, Race suffered a life-ending heart arrhythmia in his sleep. The Salazar Family and friends have made it their mission to help educate parents, teachers, coaches, students, and the community about Long QT Syndrome (LQTS), one of four types of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS). Race’s life continues to have profound meaning and is honored through the Race M. Salazar Memorial Scholarship.

Chuck Harrison “PACE” Memorial Scholarship – Chuck worked with numerous civic groups and organizations helping to build facilities and programs that truly enriched the lives of thousands of people. It is in his spirit that the Chuck Harrison “Keeping the PACE” Memorial Scholarship was established.

Maria Totushek Memorial Scholarship – Maria Totushek was an admired Folsom community member with a passion for soccer and a heart for the youth who desired to play it. Although Maria’s passion and generosity cannot be replaced, the FAA wishes to honor her memory with this annual athletic scholarship.

Time to Thrive Pandemic Relief Scholarship – seeks to provide relief from the effects of the pandemic for high school students in the Folsom community – Folsom High School, Vista del Lago High School, and Folsom Lake High School, grades 9-12. Specifically, the GPJ Sports Scholarship is designed for students whose ability to participate in the sport they love has been impacted by pandemic-related financial hardship. Based on the need described, winners will be granted up to $1,000 for the calendar year 2021 to pay for club dues, equipment, sport-related travel fees, private training or other fees enabling access to athletic pursuits. Funds will be distributed directly to the winner in partnership with the Folsom Athletic Association.

For Senior Scholarship applications, please contact your high school career center. Applications are online via your school portal.

Congratulations to Folsom and Vista del Lago High School Scholarship Recipients

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Folsom, Vista students earn various scholarships by Matt Long, Sports Editor, June 3, 2021

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