Adopt a Facility

One of the strengths of this program is to work as a team to enhance the athletic and sports facilities of the community regardless of who owns them; City of Folsom, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, or Folsom Lake College.

This statewide award winning program started in 1992 to enhance the level of daily maintenance at all community-wide facilities. It is the partnership between youth sports, the FAA, school district and city to enhance the maintenance and design standards of all athletic facilities with the Folsom community.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Program provides a forum to build solutions and to enhance all youth and adult athletic facilities. It pull together resources to improve the quantity and quality of maintenance.
  • Share the maintenance costs between the city, school district, and community youth sports leagues.
  • Assist in scheduling and prioritizing maintenance to all facilities to ensure minimum interruption with all users.
  • Maximize use of community resources; i.e. donations and volunteers to reach the goals.

Fees are collected by the CYSL’s for every registered participant (resident and non-resident) in their club. Payment is made to the Adopt a Facility program which, in turn, provides the school district and the city financial support for enhanced maintenance, small capital improvements, and renovations.

Today, the Adopt a Facility program generates over $100,000 annually for the 29 parks and 16 schools that are a part of this program. These combined 45 sites have over 347 athletic facilities that directly benefit from this program.

Adopt 25 Year History Report and Current Policy and Procedures
Adopt a Facility Program Summary Power Point Presentation

Adopt Project

2022: PE improvements (FCUSD), volleyball fencing project at Livermore Park (Aspire Volleyball).

2021: Court resurfacing at sports complex (FYBA), basketball backboards at Folsom Middle School (FYBA).

2020: Grass seed for Blanche Sprentz Elementary School (FCUSD), basketball hoops with adjustable hoops and pads for Folsom Middle School (FYBA), grass seed for city parks (Parks & Rec).

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