Lembi Park Concession

To date, over $152,000 has been raised for our community youth sports leagues and clubs; approximately $6,000 annually is provided to the city for park renovation.

Lembi Community Park is nucleus for Folsom sports and recreation activities. Lembi Park features athletic courts and fields covering softball, baseball, soccer, pickleball, tennis, basketball, and volleyball games.

In 1992, the FAA was asked to operate the concession at the park. This program was designed to:

  • Provide a quality convenient service to our athletes.
  • Provide 10% of the gross proceeds to the city’s renovation fund through the Adopt a Facility program.
  • Allow our adopted community youth sports leagues the opportunity to volunteer at the concession as a fundraiser for their league or club.

Home of the Folsom Athletic Association

Lembi Park is the third city owned community park built in 1982. It was the FAA who conceptualized, fund-raised for, and constructed the thirty-acre park. The land was donated by the Natomas Real Estate Company.

Lembi Community Park - Home of the FAA

Nicknamed “Home of the Folsom Athletic Association,” the park inspired the community and initiated Folsom’s health movement.