Congratulations to Folsom High School, Folsom Lake High School, and Vista del Lago High School graduating seniors for your dedication to sports and extracurricular activities, with an emphasis on service to others.


Folsom High School

Chuck Harrison PACE $1,500
Ava A. Brown

Lois B. Young $1,000
Teresa Gonzalez
Makayla Jackson
Mindy Kim
Steven Nardinelli
Lukas Regan
Katie Richardson
Jordyn Scott

Ernie Sheldon Memorial $1,000
Takuto Kakeda
Peony Mong
Grace Sardar
Mariya Thomas

Ernie Sheldon Spirit Award (Gift Card)
Cooper Renshaw
Steven Nardinelli

Folsom High School

Summer Kempton Memorial $1,000
Raya Amin

Race Salazar Memorial $500
Isabella Race
Chantelle Tiu

Maria Totushek Memorial $1,000
Jessica Donato
Grace Kuntz

Folsom Lake High School

Lois B. Young $500
Ashley Winton
Reagan Lenehan

Vista del Lago High School

Chuck Harrison PACE $1,500
Morgan Gore

Lois B. Young $1,000
Ryan McHenry

Ernie Sheldon Spirit Award (Gift Card)
Sudeep Majumder

Summer Kempton Memorial $1,000
Jillian Roccanova

Race Salazar Memorial $500
Avery Seale

Maria Totushek Memorial $1,000
Tayler Biehl
Jillian Roccanova
Kira Sadler

Thanks to generous donations from the community and sponsors, the FAA annually award scholarships to the Community Youth Sports Leagues and Folsom High School and Vista del Lago High School graduating seniors involved in sports and extracurricular activities, with an emphasis on service to others.

Scholarship funds are raised through various programs and events. The number one source for funding is the annual Fireworks Fundraiser.

FAA board members and select individuals serve as the scholarship committee. Applicants are interviewed by the different panels. FAA awards are presented by the board at each school’s awards ceremony.

Folsom Athletic Association

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Folsom, CA 95763-835
Folsom Athletic Association, CA