Ernie Sheldon Legacy Fund, Spirit Award, and Scholarship

E rnie Sheldon, longtime Folsom resident, former City of Folsom Councilmember and Vice Mayor and Folsom Athletic Association Executive Director. Ernie built a legacy in Folsom with every person he met and every project he was involved with. After a long illness, Ernie passed away in November 2020.

In 2017, Ernie Sheldon shared a ‘vision’ with the Folsom Athletic Association to raise $1 million dollars to ensure that “no youth group would dissolve because of a lack of funds.” The vision took on a broader scope to ensure that “the FAA itself would never lack funds to support the youth groups.” At $100,000, Ernie would launch Project Vision publicly.

Ernie secured donations made to the FAA and allocated them to Project Vision. It was important for the FAA to show that they could work to raise $100,000 on their own before approaching the big donors asking them for contributions. When Ernie passed away in November 2020, he had raised $96,400 for the project. The FAA was honored to rename Project Vision to the Ernie Sheldon Legacy Fund for his devotion to the city, its parks, trails, recreation programs, and athletic and youth sports.

Ernie was involved with youth and high school sports where he attended many games throughout the years. While football and basketball were his favorite sports, you could count on him to attend any sport around town. Many of the games he attended were to watch the kids of the FAA board and youth group members. Ernie personally got to know each one of these kids. He used these opportunities to network – to build the relationships between the students, player, coaches, and community.

Ernie especially loved the spirit of the students who attended the games. In the role the FAA plays with the city and school district, it is important to strengthen the network in all aspects. Getting to know the high school principals was just as important as working with the athletic directors. Ernie wanted to award a senior from each high school for their spirit. He wanted the principal to select the senior.

In honor of Ernie, the FAA created the Ernie Sheldon Memorial Scholarship for a Folsom High School and Vista del Lago High School graduating senior. The scholarship is based on the seniors dedication to their high school spirit combined with academic studies, community service and personal perseverance.

To donate to the Ernie Sheldon Legacy Fund, mail a check to the Folsom Athletic Association, P.O. Box 835, Folsom, CA 95763. Please make the check payable to FAA Ernie Sheldon Legacy Fund.

Your donation to the Legacy Fund allows the FAA to continue his legacy supporting youth athletics through scholarships and other endeavors. Many thanks for being part of this.

ERNIE SHELDON (1934-2020)

Longtime Folsom resident, City of Folsom Councilmember and Vice Mayor and Folsom Athletic Association Executive Director.

It all began in 1985, when Ernie moved to Folsom and asked, “Can I help?”

Rest in Peace Ernie … your legacy will live forever in our hearts and lives.