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PAST: 1979-Present
It all began in 1979 with a small group of active and community-driven friends including George Econome. Richard Cantor, President of Folsom Chamber of Commerce created a sports committee of the chamber chaired by Phil Moeszinger. At that time, Roger Zittel, Chamber’s Manager provided the encouragement and resources of the chamber towards the support of the FAA. These active community members realized the economic and social values of creating a parks and recreation system and were determined to institute one for Folsom.

In a single year, this committee accumulated many more like-minded members, and thus, they metamorphosed into the Folsom Athletic Association (FAA). Today, nearly forty years after its formation, the FAA is home to over 200 board members who support more than 10,000 young athletes spread throughout Folsom’s various youth sports leagues.

In just several years after its establishment, the FAA accomplished two groundbreaking projects that were fundamental in Folsom’s growth and the city’s increasing focus on health and wellness. Firstly, the FAA turned its dream into reality by creating the Recreation Department for the City which evolved into the Parks and Recreation Department that we know and love today.

Secondly, the FAA conceptualized, fundraised for, and constructed the popular thirty-acre Lembi Park. George Econome, Roger Zittel, and John Handy served as the project leaders and collaborated with the other FAA members and over fifteen partners representing construction and engineering companies. This large group of colleagues, known as the Blue Ribbon Committee, named the park in honor of one of its members, Dante P. Lembi, who played an integral role by obtaining the land for the park’s development. Lembi Park has since been nicknamed “Home of the FAA” to represent the birthplace of the trailblazing FAA that had already begun to inspire the community and initiate Folsom’s health movement.

Throughout the next four decades, the Parks and Recreation Department, the FAA and the Friends of Folsom Parkways collaborated to adorn Folsom with over forty-five miles of scenic bike and walking trails, over a dozen youth sports leagues, and forty-seven community parks! Because of the FAA founding members’ passion for sports, love for recreation, and dedication to the community, Folsomites today are witness to the aftermath of this tight-knit group of friends who transformed a shared vision into reality.