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PAST: 1979-Present
In 1979, local business owner and Chamber of Commerce President, George Econome, recognized the economic value and community benefit in developing a first rate Parks and Recreation system. George, along with Chamber of Commerce Manager Roger Zittel developed a blue ribbon committee to study the issues and develop a plan of action. This committee grew into what is known today as the Folsom Athletic Association (FAA).  The first two accomplishments by the FAA and its board of directors were the development of the Recreation Department in 1980, and the 30-acre land donation and development of Lembi Community Park, the City’s fourth park in 1983.

Today, 35+ years later, the FAA supports 18 community youth sports leagues which represent over 7,000 athletes and approximately 360 individual board members assisting in the administration of these programs. Additionally, the FAA supports all interests of recreation such as being instrumental in brokering the exchange of land and facilities for the development of the City’s first publically-owned library, the Senior & Art Center, the Folsom Aquatic Center, acquisition of the Folsom Sports Complex, and the preservation of hundreds of acres of natural areas including 35 miles of bike and walking trails.

Although the key role for the FAA has been supporting others through facility development, several key programs and events have also been developed to assist in ensuring all partners and individuals reach their full potential regardless of their organizational size, social or economic status, and or age.